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Charlie McIlvain for Kerr County Commissioner, Precinct 3

Kerr County needs responsible leadership that is willing to make the challenging decisions required to keep Kerr County financially secure and moving in a positive direction. I believe I am that person. During my 47-year career I have managed and motivated employees, solved problems, developed and managed budgets. I have worked with and for communities through many areas of Texas. My tenure includes working with economic development organizations that were charged with attracting new industry to Texas. I’ve lobbied in Washington, D.C. and Austin so I am comfortable working with elected officials required to maintain a strong position for Kerr County issues.

Why Kerr County?

Ronda and I represented the State of Texas and many Texas cities, at various travel industry tradeshows, when we owned the travel industry firm of Texas Destinations. We have traveled the entire State extensively. Many residents have had to wait until they retire to relocate to Kerrville. We were fortunate to spend the last 9 years of my career working and enjoying the amenities and the life-style that Kerrville has to offer. Kerrville offers an exceptional quality of life that only a few cities in Texas provide. When we retired, the decision regarding where we wanted to enjoy our retirement years was any easy choice…we selected Kerrville!


I am a graduate of the United States Chamber of Commerce and Southern Methodist University’s Institute for Organizational Management.

I served on numerous industry boards and chaired most of those, including Chairing the National Tour Association, a 4,000 - member international travel industry organization in 2003. I was appointed by Governor Rick Perry to Chair the Texas Tourism Advisory Council for the Office of the Governor - Economic Development and Tourism Department - 2004/2005.

Since coming to Kerrville in 2012, I have served on the City’s 2050 Planning Committee, and Chaired the KEDC (Kerrville Economic Development Corporation) for two terms. I am currently a board member for Kerr County Habitat for Humanity, a board member for the Upper Guadalupe River Center project, a board member for the Heart of the Hills Heritage Center, and a board member of the Kerrville Christmas Lighting Committee. I was President of the Kerrville Rotary Club from 2019-2020. I was recognized by the 87th Texas Legislature in March 2021 for career achievements in the Hospitality Industry.

I have a good working relationship with the Kerrville, Kerr County business community, County and City Government officials. I also have good working relationships with administrators from Schriener University, the Kerrville Independent School District, Peterson Regional Medical Center, the Kerrville/Kerr County Airport, KPUB, the Kerrville Chamber of Commerce, the Kerrville Convention & Visitors Bureau, and the Upper Guadalupe River Authority. I am dedicated to a life-long commitment to service!

Charlie McIlvain,
Life-long Commitment to Service

• Public Safety – As long as our southern border is not secure, public safety will continue to be a major issue for Kerr County. Kerr County and Kerrville are fortunate that we have two of the best law enforcement organizations in Texas. The Kerr County Sheriff’s Office and the Kerrville Police Department are led by highly experienced law enforcement professionals, and staffed by knowledgeable, experienced officers. We must do all we can to provide the equipment and technology required to detect and apprehend criminals, and secure Kerrville and Kerr County in the fight against illegal trafficking, drug distribution and other illegal activities that can damage our property and harm our citizens. We must work with city and county law enforcement officials to make certain they have the necessary radio equipment and communication systems required to quickly and efficiently communicate with each other and other outside law enforcement agencies.

• Tax Revenue – Tourism is one of the two top industries in Kerr County. Visitors to our community generate approximately 1/3 of the tax revenue generated in Kerrville and Kerr County. Every effort should be made to protect the resources needed to maintain the quality of life our citizens and most of our visitors experience when they visit our community. Important resources include water for recreational purposes. The Youth Event Center must be maintained and updated to keep organizations and their participants coming back to Kerr County and attract new organizations and their patrons to Kerrville and Kerr County. The hotel inventory in our community is outdated and new hotels are needed to continue to attract the quality of visitors needed to generate additional revenue to Kerr County. We must work with hotel developers to encourage them to consider Kerrville and Kerr County when considering new products. One of the important facts to remember when working with visitors to our community is they come to Kerrville to visit, they spend their money, and then they go home! Money and tax dollars generated by our visitors greatly reduces the tax burden of all Kerr County residents!

• Growth – A community can’t prosper without growth. Kerrville and Kerr County is growing. New residents are moving to Kerrville on a daily basis. Affordable, workforce housing is needed to provide homes for school teachers, fire fighters, medical professionals, and other required professionals needed to support our community. Topography somewhat limits space for new homes in Kerr County. Available homes and lots needed to build new home are expensive. New homes require infrastructure which must be installed. New methods of financing homes for young professionals and other new residents are needed. Determining water requirements and water availability is a must for new housing starts. Our community can not build additional homes if water for these homes is not available.

• Secure Data/Information Storage Space – All Counties in Texas are required by the State of Texas to provide and maintain secure document and data storage. Public records, including printed and digital documents, must continue to be available to the public when needed. Documents detailing property deeds, trusts, and historical and original printed documents, although recorded digitally, must be secured and stored where these important documents can be accessed. As Kerr County grows, this problem will increase until we develop a workable solution.

Charlie McIlvain for Kerr Co Commissioner, Pct 3

Election Day: March 5th, 2024

Early Voting Begins: February 20th

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